Monday, July 13, 2009

John Calvin on the Merits of Christ

Forwarded from Puritan at Heart:

Now he who is redeemed by the precious blood of Christ and to whom the merits of Christ's passion are applied, is forthwith justified, that is, finds forgiveness of his sins, is immediately acquitted from liability to eternal damnation and raised up by the Holy Spirit, and so from being unrighteous is made righteous. For God when He justifies acts not with man only after the manner of man, merely pardoning him, forgiving his sin, and absolving his guilt, but He makes him better; a thing which men are not wont and not able to give. For He communicates to Him of His Holy Spirit who purifies his heart, and by love shed abroad in his heart, incites him to seek after what is good and just, and follow out and act what is thus sought.
--John Calvin, from "True method of giving peace to Christendom"

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